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surgeon for advice on when gastric bypass surgery is the best option. that's in today's ask allison. good morning, i am alison seymour. >> i'm tony perkins. take a look at this. actually, the wrong thing was on the prompter. don't look at anything now, except for tucker barnes who is downstairs in the weather center, probably cracking up right now. >> starting off great. >> you saved me, thank you. >> there we go. that's embarrassing. let's get to the maps. oh, live shot first. not getting anything right. nice conditions across the area. going to be a beautiful fall afternoon. talking about a lot of sunshine, and some warmer temperatures. at least less windy than yesterday. with feel warmer with temperatures in the mid-50s later today. nice shot here. should be a beautiful day area- wide. want to focus here in mid- atlantic and northeast, where we had the storm the last
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couple of days. cleared out overnight. should be in for a really nice couple of days around here, with high pressure building in from the west. less windy and a lot of sunshine here friday and right through your week here, your three-day weekend. temperature, 46 degrees right now in washington. 45 dulles. 44bwi marshall. highs today back into the mid- to upper 50s. 57 in town. 50s in the mountains. winchester, in the mid-50s, 54, lots of sunshine, less wind. if you like today, you'll love the weekend forecast. i'll have a that in a couple of minutes. back to you. thank you, sir. >> we have an update on breaking news we've been following in the district. >> early morning robbery that began near dupont circle and ended with shots fired as both victims and suspects moved closer to the white house.
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wisdom martin is on the story. wisdom? >> reporter: tony and allison, there are a couple of different scenes involved. we know police are still looking for four suspects who were involved in an attempted robbery. we have some video of the initial scene from this incident. we're told by police this attempted robbery started near 18th in the middle of the block on jefferson place. the victims were in a black porsche suv. after this attempted robbery at that location, they started pursuing the suspect in the direction of lafayette square near the white house. during the chase shots were fired we're told by the police, near 19th between l and jefferson. police say the four suspects were able to get away and we have a description of the car. of the car given to us by police. they say it was a white or silver lincoln with d.c. plates ec0424. again, white or silver lincoln
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with d.c. plates ec0424. no injuries were reported. police say the suspects are considered to be armed and dangerous. a couple of different locations, police continue to search for those four suspects. back to you. >> wisdom, thank you. in the meantime, a prince george's county man is recovering after being burned in a house fire. the flames broke out around 7:30 last night at his home along northern avenue in glendale. took about an hour to put out the blaze. cause of the fire is under investigation. united airlines flight from denver to dulles has safely landed this morning after it was forced to make an emergency landing in our area on its way in our area. the crew reported an emergency when a passenger wasn't following landing instructions. the man reportedly refused to sit down, and he was praying in the aisle. so far, there are no reports of
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any charges. big story we're following this morning, the threat of that looming if looming fiscal cliff. in virginia, the governor ordered state agencies to prepare to cut their budgets by 4% in case congress can't reach a deal in time. >> sherri ly is live on capitol hill this morning where congress is feeling the pressure. >> reporter: they certainly are. it is the inability of congress to agree on a debt deal that put us in this position, and now we have this dangerous deadline looming and failure ould put the country back into recession again. lawmakers, if they don't find some sort of agreement -- i'm sorry, that is the president will be speaking from the white house today, addressing this issue, putting the pressure on
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congress. without a deal, auto tax increases and government spending across the board would go in effect in january. the cuts would likely hit the d.c. region hardest, given the large federal government workforce. democrats want to let the bush era tax cuts for the wealthiest expire. republicans prefer to raise revenue through tax reform. leaders of both parties say they want to work together, but as the president prepares to address this issue today, there is little time left and the alternate, economists warn, is grim. >> the good news is, thank god people are living longer. that's great news. but it isn't very good news for the treasury. >> at some point the financial markets could react, our debt could be downgraded by the rating agencies. interest rates could spike. the stock market could tumble. >> reporter: these cuts are known as sequestration and a report says if it happens, the
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nation would go back into recession. unemployment would rise to above 9%. certain entitlement programs such as social security and medicaid are exempt from the cuts that could be triggered. but just about everything else, including defense spending, which could be hit hardest is on the table. that's the latest from capitol hill, back to you. >> sherri, thank you. new this morning, former dnc chair says he is running for virginia's governor. the 2013 chain would be his second run for the seat. he was a top advisor to former president clinton and secretary of state hillary clinton. he joins a race that already clues the attorney general and lieutenant governor, both republicans. making headlines ths morning, seven navy seals are in hot water after being accused of revealing secrets about seal team six, giving classified information to the maker of a video game called medal of honor war fighter.
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one of the seals was involved in the mission to kill bin laden. they all received what the military calls nonjudicial punishment including pay cuts and letters reprimanding their behavior. syrian refugees are fleeing into turkey. 5,000 crossed over the border overnight and a group of officers defected. the new exodus raises the number of refugees in turkey to 125,000. just yesterday the red cross says it can't cope with the needs of the victims. the war has now killed 36,000 people. president assad is denying the conflict is a civil war. iran attacked an american unarmed drone overinternational waters in the persian gulf last week. two attacked fighter planes shot but missed the drone. it happened five days before election day. republicans are charging that the delay was, or the delay in reporting it was politically motivated. the pentagon says it withheld news of the attack because the
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drone was on a secret mission. arizona judge has sentenced jared loughner to life in prison without parole. congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her astronaut were among those in court yesterday for the sentencing. kelly and other survivors made statements before the punishment was handed down. loughner pleaded guilty to opening fire at giffords' public appearance in tucson in january of 2011. giffords is still recovering from a gunshot wound to the head. northeast is still trying to get back to normal after getting hit by two big storms. damage is in tey are rationing york city. sarah simmons is back now with more on all of this. >> the frustrations are high there right now. they're trying to bring the tempers down by bringing order to the lines at the gas
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stations there. they are rationing gas. here is how it works. today drivers in new york city and on long island can only buy gas if their license plates end in an odd number. tomorrow is an even day, so drivers with tags ending in an even number can fill up. it's not that there are shortages of fuel, but with the power outages, the mayor says only a quarter of gas stations there are operating, causing extremely long lines in last week. >> the best way we think to cut down on the lines and help customers buy gas faster to help gas stations stay open longer, and to reduce the potential for disorder is to alternate the days drivers can purchase gas. >> i think that's a great idea to slow this gas thing up, because it's ridiculous. >> it's been crazy up there. governor of new york says the losses could total $33 billion, and that's just one state.
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overall total may be closer to $50 billion. the governor gave the estimate at a briefing yesterday, where he slammed the power companies for taking more than a week to restore electricity to some. the nor'easter caused another 200,000 to lose power in the area. the governor says part of the slowdown in restoring power is the workers have to physically go building to building to make sure they can handle power before they turn the lights back on. you can imagine, you live there, how many buildings are there. they have to physically go to each one to make sure it can handle the power. >> in some ways, the way this played out, it was the worst case scenario. >> really was. and to have the nor'easter on top of it. >> sarah, thank you very much. president obama's second term hasn't started yet, but we are already hearing about some people who may not stick around for it. >> yes. among them, secretary of state
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hillary clinton, defense secretary, panetta and treasury secretary. ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious.
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welcome back. 914 #. now that the election is over, president obama has to get down to business. one of the things on the top of his agenda, securing his cabinet positions. steven dennis joins us to talk about that and more. thanks for coming in. we survived the election season. now a lot of challenges. for the president, he's got to figure out who is going to be in his cabinet and who is not. several people likely on the way out. we should point out this is normal for a second term. >> absolutely. i think those in the biggest jobs, these jobs chew people up. they take up inordinate amounts
9:15 am
of your time. people tend to not stay forever. whether you're talking about secretary of state hillary clinton, who has been -- has made it clear for a while now that she wants to leave, you know, or some of the other top jobs, even eric holder, attorney general, not sure whether he's sticking around. this is an opportunity for the president to get fresh blood, et cetera. these are big shoes to fill. >> hillary clinton, her reign has been memorable, notable and quite effective some would say. a couple of months ago one of the names being mentioned as a possible replacement was susan rice. >> yes. >> seems to me that might not happen now. >> you never know whether the benghazi situation, you know, continues to simmer and
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republicans tend to be angry about it. certainly i think that her statements immediately after that event really would hurt her chances in the senate. but if the president really wanted to pick her and really thought she was the best person for the job and fought for her, he's a reelected president. that gives you a certain level of -- you get your person. the democrats did pick up a couple of seats in the senate. i think he could probably confirm her if he really put muscle into it. other folks people have mentioned, john kerry. problem there, a special election in a few months in massachusetts. scott brown just defeated, he could turn around and run for that seat. it's not a slam dunk. i think that -- >> which would give the republicans -- >> yeah. so going to be considerations if he picks somebody from the
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senate to fill these slots. >> leon panetta, likely to depart. who might remace him? >> i think it's a tough job to find a good replacement. there's all kinds of people who have been in top positions, mullen, who has been the joint chiefs of staff. there are people who get mentioned. but the thing i think with the panetta decision and the timing is sort of critical there. if we're facing the potential for a military showdown with iran, we're facing a lot of other iran situations, a lot of other tense situations around the world, it's quite possible that panetta gets drafted to stay a little bit longer until some of these situations are worked out. tim geithner is another example, treasury secretary. while we have a fiscal cliff situation, this debt limit crisis a few months after that, i think with geithner, it's
9:18 am
also an issue of timing. people talked about the chief of staff potentially replacing him at treasury. you're not going to do that until this fiscal cliff, this big deal has been sorted out. >> so, that actually does factor into all of this. we were talking during the break about obviously it's not just these things the president has to deal with. it is the fiscal cliff. he's speaking later today. >> yes. >> how do you think that will play out, and particularly the relationship between the president and john boehner. >> that relationship has been pretty, you know, warm behind the scenes. they both get along pretty well personally. and they both have challenges in their own parties and coming into a deal that cuts entitlements and raises tax revenue. john boehner really reached out the last couple of days to the president on a series of issues, immigration reform. he's now saying that will be a
9:19 am
priority next year when republicans wouldn't touch it. that's a big deal. he's also saying, look, i'm willing to support more tax revenue as part of tax reform, just throw me a bone, basically, mr. president, on the rates. >> sure. >> the problem for john boehner is his conference is very conservative. will be more conservative potentially next year. he needs to get their votes and getting their votes, you have to give them something to vote for, not just say, hey, eat it. >> right. >> the president really faces a choice now. does he take this olive branch and return it with another, or play hard ball? now he's in a strong position. and holding a lot of the cards. >> steven dennis with roll call, thank you. we appreciate it as always. allison, back to you. tony, thank you. coming up, where our nation's service members can eat for
9:20 am
free this veterans day. >> do you need wine? you could be a click away from a familiar source. first, time to check in with holly. >> reporter: look, i'm joining the marching band. if you're going to join one, you might as well join quince orchard high school where we are, and where the marching cougars have won the maryland state title. coming up, i'm going to learn firsthand what it takes to take top honors on the field. it's all live later on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. >> you look great, holly. and stake around for the native pride dancers, telling stories of first nation communities through dance. they're performing for us coming up at 9:45. what a treat. we'll be right back.  
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necessarily is offering full refunds on their nes quick recall. the online retail giant is launching amazon wine, just in time for the holiday season. shoppers can find a selection of thousands of wines in a dozen states. for now only residents in a handful of states and d.c. as well can order wine through our nation's service members can eat for free on veterans day. oliver garden will have a
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complementary entree and red lobster has appetizers, and longhorn steakhouse is offering a texas onionand beverage. need to show proof of service. nice thing they're doing. a lot of folks battle with weight issues. some conditions worse than others. coming up, i'm reaching out to a local doctor with national fame, though, to ask advice for a young 500-pound man who is afraid surgery may be his last chance to live. >> all right. first, is technology teaching our children bad behavior? a look at what appears to be a growing addiction. that's ahead. >> and a week warmup on the way. tucker has a check of the forecast when we come back. time now, 9:25. stay with us. the arteries of your dishwasher are constantly clogging up
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it's a growing trend, experts say moreed more toddlers addicted to the ipad. children do not develop the proper social skills they need with other kids their age, which could lead to problems in school. quick fixes to the problem include setting time limits on the games that your kids play. and maybe -- i won't weigh in. >> here's the upside. don't you think their kids are going to be like geniuses? >> i think it's all things in moderation. we're talking about toddlers now, don't want them on the ipad for hours at a time. >> they are amazing. >> wouldn't you be afraid they'd drop it? >> no, you're sitting there. it's the first time in your life someone is telling you no
9:30 am
and working out the emotions, but i was a baby and i cried and i got fed. now i'm older -- go what are you talking about? >> toddler behavior. >> just go with it, tony. >> i'm with you. >> is there a mother in the studio, please? >> you're right. >> what i'm saying, that's the temper tantrums and behavior. you're right, set limits. on the up side, please, this is the new generation. get with it or get left behind. >> you are something. >> tucker, i appreciate you. >> you're a politician, man. >> get to the temperatures. great allison. >> see what i have to deal with here? see what i've got to deal with here. >> he has no idea what you were talking about. >> really i don't, allison. >> so sad. they ridiculed einstein, i'm sure. >> mid-40s. overnight we were in the 30s.
9:31 am
nice rebound. lots of sunshine. we are going to be in for abysm couple of days, start -- beautiful couple of days. highs in the 50s this afternoon. by the end of the weekend, upper 60s, maybe 70 for parts of the area by veterans day, sun afternoon. quiet. our storm from yesterday, i've been in the way of the storm all morning long. you can see that center, and pulling all the cloud cover and the winds. we had blustery conditions here yesterday. out to sea. high pressure building in. very quiet conditions for the next several days. little cool this afternoon. average high should be in the low 60s. but pleasant with sunshine. less wind, should feel good. high pressure gets east of us and the south overnight and tomorrow. we open the gates for warmer temperatures. 60s with sunshine saturday and sunday. and right into your day on monday. no more excuses for not getting
9:32 am
the leaves up. 57. plenty of sunshine. beautiful afternoon. here's your accu weather seven- day forecast, the weekend couldn't be better. mid-60s saturday. upper 60s sunday. and monday and then looks like our next chance of rain around here tuesday. that does it for weather. allison and tony, back to you. ♪ tell me something good ♪ thanks so much, tucker. it is time for today's ask allison. today i am doing my best to help a young man with a health problem. he writes --
9:33 am
>> well, dear viewer, i understand this indeed could be a life saving decision. i wanted to give you the best advice possible, not just my emotional advice, but real medical pros and cons to help you. so i have reached out to dr. dennis brunner. she has appeared on dr. oz, dr. phil to name a few, and she's appeared on air with us. she joins us live on the phone now. she also has a practice in arlington, virginia. thank you for joining me by phone. >> it's my pleasure, allison. >> you could hear the desperation in the tone of this man's e-mail. what was your reaction reading it and your advice first after reading it? >> well, my reaction is, i
9:34 am
understand his dilemma and his situation. we have to realize, though, nothing is without risk. he falls into the weight category, because his body mass index is 832. it's significant. people over 35 with a medical complications or over 40 are candidates. but he has a number of risk factors. this is what struck me. he's male, his bmi is over 50, and he has sleep apnea. we want to know, one, what did he try before? two, if he considers this particular surgery, he's got to go to a competent, qualified, certified program. his lung problems at this point
9:35 am
may prevent him from having surgery, because he's such an operative risk. risk of dying on the table from anesthesia. he's got to have a complete screening in terms of his cardiovascular system and his respiratory system. and even if he fails in those particular criteria right now, he could certainly be a person who might try some, under medical supervision, very low calorie diet on a short-term basis to try to get him in better shape for the surgery. and in losing some weight, 10, 15% of his weight, that might improve his risk factor. >> his family, as you read, they're against it. but, you know, you can imagine, they want to make sure their son, brother, what have you, is safe. >> sure. >> he really does feel like
9:36 am
it's his last chance. what i hear you saying, it's not necessarily his last chance, unless he has exhausted all the other things, and we're not sure he has. >> exactly. he's got to have exhausted all those things. he has to have family support. when you have the surgery, it's a life long change. he's got to understand he may have to take nutrients for the rest of his life, special supplements. he has to be able to do physical activity. he has to understand going into this what his life-long commitment is, or he's going to fail. you know, again, i see a lot of people in my practice who have failed because they haven't gone through the preoperative screening and follow-up they need. >> it's not a quick fix at all. shouldn't be entered into lightly. >> no, it should not. there's a 3% risk of just death
9:37 am
on the table. >> dr. bruner. thank you so much. we know you're seeing patients today. thank you for joining us by phone today. >> my pleasure, allison and good luck to this young man. >> indeed. thank you. viewer, i wanted to go right to a pro and dr. brune are r is a pro. i would urge you to weigh all the options and exhaust those options before looking seriously at surgery. good luck to you. if you have a question you want answered. go to and click on a link to ask allison. >> she's really good. >> she is very good. >> good, thoughtful advice. >> right. good luck to him. find out which singer received star treatment while voting. >> got a lot of people upset. we'll be right back with the buzz bin.    
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alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
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the stock market just opened up in new york in the last few minutes. the dow is already down. it's down 25 points now. it was down as much as 65 points a couple of moments ago. the slide so far follows two days of heavy losses in the dow. stocks fell 434 points in the last couple of days. the worst two-day drop since november of last year. the president is speaking this afternoon about avoiding the fiscal cliff and another recession. that's one of the things that wall street is worried about. the dow right now is down about 25 points. well, twihards, a symbol in los angeles, fans of the franchise are camping out for monday's black carpet premier of the final film, breaking dawn part 2, which doesn't hit theaters until next week. organizers say more than 2,000 people preregistered for monday's premier. over the weekend several acts from the sound track will be
9:42 am
coming out to perform. on sunday morning, several new cast members will stop by with breakfast for the fans. i'm happy to see that in the wake of the kristen stewart fallout. >> still supporting. >> still there. some furious voters in atlanta, not fans after singer usher was allowed to bypass them on election day. >> election officials say usher was escorted to the front of the line to minimize distractions. the grammy winning artist tweeted photos. the county commissioner questioned the decision and said few people should receive that treatment, mainly people with disabilities, elderly and those with small children. holly is hanging out with talented high schoolers. >> we'll hear from them next. >> plus, using dance to learn
9:43 am
about history. the native pride dancers are in town. they'll perform a story for us after the break. 9# 42:00 now.     where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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welcome back, everybody. holly morris as you saw her suit up to join the quince orchard marching band, she'll join us in just a moment. it's been an exciting morning and that does not stop now, as we introduce this next segment. they are on a mission to teach the world about the spirit and the traditions of indigenous people and culture. the native pride dancers use story telling, music and dance, to honor their unique history of the first nation communities. their dances are called stories. this month you can catch them
9:47 am
in our area. tony is in studio b with the native pride dancers. good morning. >> i'm with larry and dana and they are here in their lovely regalia. >> we call it regalia, not our costumes. >> tell us first about native pride arts and native pride dancers. >> the arts is our nonprofit organization where we can go into schools and work with other organizations to teach dance and inspire and motivate through music and dance. >> dana, how long -- may i ask how long you've been doing this? >> since i was about five years old. >> five years old, wow. we've been seeing little bits of it here and there. absolutely beautiful. tell me a little bit, what we've been saying is that you're going to tell a story with the dancing. tell me what that is all about. >> you see the regalia we have
9:48 am
on. we have the eagle feathers, the on angora hide, these are spirit animals and we consider them scared and they dance with us in spirit and the animals come back to life as we dance. >> when you do these performances, for example, folks can see you here in town. tell me a little bit about that first of all. >> today we'll be performing at the national museum of the american indian for two public performances in the rotunda there, about an hour from now. >> very good. tell me a little bit, you perform a lot for school groups and all kinds of audiences, right? >> earlier this year we were invited through the state department u.s. embassy in jordan, so we toured the middle east as well. we're going across the seas to bridge cultures together. >> want to tell me what you'll be doing today? >> a fancy dance segment. this is a male version of the fancy dance. it's the native american women
9:49 am
fancy shawl. popular in the 1970s. this dance comes to us from oklahoma in the 1940s. used . used to be called the war dance. >> you both are called fancy dancers, right? >> yes. >> take it away. once again, this is native pride dancers. [ drums beating ]
9:50 am
9:51 am
♪ >> wow. wow. that is really something. these are the native pride dancers. i won't ask you anything. you can breathe. two performances today at the national museum of the american indian on the mall. thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> allison, back to you.
9:52 am
thanks, tony. their love of music is certainly paying off for the third time, the quince orchard high school marching band has won maryland state championship. what does it take to put together a championship performance? holly morris plans to find out front and center. >> reporter: i'm near the back. the cow bell wasn't available. i'll a part of the drum line. should be entertaining. when it comes to the marching cougars, they are total entertaining. just won state championship title this past weekend. won best visual best effect, best guard, best percussion. let's go back to back with best guard for a second. that's where vivian and hayley come in. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: tell me about being a good guard person. >> well, guard, as you said, we are the visual component of marching band. we represent what the music sounds like, if the music is slow, the equipment, the way we
9:53 am
move it is slow. if it's fast, we move it fast. we have rifles, such as what hayley has. >> reporter: so appropriately holding it. you have to be listening and in tune with how the band is playing on any given day? >> definitely. all about counting, and i think more so than counting, keeping up with the music. if we're not with the music and together, it falls apart. >> reporter: you have to keep up with it and be in sync the whole time. what's the hardest thing? >> i would say the hardest part is keeping your face -- you have to, when you are -- your face is part of the visual come opponent. >> reporter: why they don't have their hats on, their tv savvy and they wanted you to see all their faces today. i say give me the hat. they see my face enough.
9:54 am
miles is going to be my right hand percussion guy. you won best percussion. congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: quickly, can you give me a tip or two on what i'm going to do. miles, between you and me, i don't know anything. mr.just stay with me, i'll trial to give you direction changes and see how it goes. >> reporter: has anyone ever knocked the whole drum line down? >> no, they can do that on their own. >> reporter: if i'm off on the beat, will it be a big deal? >> we'll stay with it for you. >> reporter: you've already got the title, who cares. ready to start us? ♪
9:55 am
♪ ♪ >> reporter: i think they're
9:56 am
saying, holly put your drum sticks away. let us take over. here we go. we are live this morning at quince orchard with the marching cougars. congratulations to them, as they are the state champs for 2012. we'll have more fox 5 morning news when we come back. stay with us. ♪   
9:57 am
♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good!
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there's a live shot. >> pretty. >> going to be a beautiful day. absolutely gorgeous. little cool. need a jacket. temperatures in the mid-50s. but the weather is going to cooperate. not only today, but all weekend. highs by saturday, sunday and monday well into the 60s. maybe near 70 by sunday and monday. cool down the middle of next week. nice stretch of weather for november. >> let's not look at next week. >> still will be nice. little cooler. >> want to

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